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18 years of peace of mind accounting to small and medium size businesses

Small Business Problems aren't Small

Are you looking for a new way to network that will help you solve business problems at the same time? Look no further.

Part Networking, Part Mastermind

Small business owners always have problems to solve. It's useful to hear how other businesses have solved problems.

The Format

Each monthly meeting will have a specific topic, such as Accounting Software, and run for 2 hours in Halifax.

  1. Each attendee introduces themselves - 2 minutes each
  2. Presentation on the topic - 30 minutes
  3. Open question and answer period - 15 minutes
  4. Group ad hoc problem-solving (business card draw determines who gets to present a problem on any topic to the group for discussion) - 30 minutes
  5. Networking - 15 minutes

Meetings will be limited to 14 business people at a cost of $30 +HST per person. This is an opportunity to show other business owners how you can help them!

Are You Interested?

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