Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

18 years of peace of mind accounting to small and medium size businesses

Fullcycle Services

At FABS we work with your existing methods of working as this is what you are comfortable with. What we will do to help you improve your bookkeeping methods and business outlook is to show you different methods that we have seen work for other companies through our extensive work experiences.

Computerized Payroll Services

We at FABS will use our software to calculate the payroll deductions for each payroll run. To have FABS calculate the payroll all you have to do is simply submit the hours, any vacation time taken, plus any deductions, and we will do the rest. Once it is calculated it is up to your preference on how to pay. Depending on how you want to pay your employees we can simply send the payroll slips to you so you can write a cheque or have us do a direct deposit through an account you have set up for direct deposits. The main advantage of having the payroll processed through software is that reporting Payroll Remittance, ROE¡¦s and T4¡¦s are quick and very easy as the information is already in the format required. At FABS we work with you to let you decide how you want to handle payroll that is logical to you.

Computerized Accounting Services

At FABS our goal is a long term relationship. To achieve this we use a variety of methods of accounting and bookkeeping methods. Our client base is a mix of start-up businesses to medium size businesses.

Our start-up companies are mainly one person operations. To help them out and save costs we are happy to advise them on accounting matters and show them how to keep a set of books either on excel or manually in a ledger book.

As the start-up grows, we will discuss how better to handle the accounting of the company which includes training on a software package of your choice and helping with the entries that are not straight forward.

When you are too busy running the company and accounting is not your strength, we can take over doing all the data entry for you and reporting back to you information you need to grow your business.

By using this method, we have found that as the company grows the bookkeeping is always kept accurate and the records and information is easily upgraded to the next stage of your bookkeeping/accounting cycle.

We are so confident that this method works that when you get to the stage when you will need to hire your own accounting staff, the transition will go smoothly. We at FABS will even help you look for your new staff and help with the transition.

Accounting/Bookkeeping Services

The above list is a small portion of what we do. We are here to help you if you require a service we cannot provide we will be happy to help you find someone that can.

Income Tax Return Preparation

You now have reached the time of the year that requires your taxes to be filed. Here at FABS we have the experience to file the following types of tax returns.

We at FABS do not believe in making things complicated so our fees for processing the tax form and filing taxes are a flat rate. What you see above is what you pay plus tax.